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Commissionaires is Canada's premier security provider, offering a unique combination of integrity, experience and innovation. We have protected people and property for public and private sector clients from coast to coast for more than 80 years.

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Security Guarding

Commissionaires have protected people and property from coast to coast for more than 80 years.

Finger Printing / Pardons

Commissionaires is the trusted choice for your identifications needs - providing a range of solutions.

Private Investigative Services

We are a full service private investigation agency providing services to a wide range of clients.

Threat Risk Assessments /
Security Consulting

Commissionaires offers elite security consulting expertise to protect clients like you.

ElderWatch Program /
HomeWatch Program

Commissionaires can keep in regular contact with elderly residents or your home when away.

Online Security Guard Training Course

A comprehensive online security guard training course taught to CGSB federal standards.

Certificates of Conduct /
Background Checks

Commissionaires offers comprehensive employment and background screening services.

Commissionaires NL remembers and salutes veterans and those in active service.