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Finger Printing / Pardons

The Trusted Choice.

Commissionaires is the trusted choice for all your identifications needs. We offer a full range of identification solutions and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can assist you in the process from start to finish.


Commissionaires offers cutting-edge digital fingerprinting services for the fastest, most reliable results available. As one of only two providers, Commissionaires has clearance from the RCMP to capture fingerprints and submit them directly to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services for processing. This reduces the RCMP processing time to as little as 72 hours, which means your fingerprinting results will be in the mail to you in as little as three business days after your submission. In addition to offering digital fingerprinting, we still offer traditional ink & roll fingerprinting with a processing turnaround time of approximately 120 days.


Commissionaires offers a simple and affordable pardon service for applicants who would like a friendly, knowledgeable helping hand in getting a pardon done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Perhaps you dont have time to apply for a pardon on your own or you need help with the pardons process. We offer a cost-effective service with no hidden fees, backed by our Commissionaires expertise and integrity. All of our clients receive the same helpful and professional service, regardless of their background or the circumstances surrounding their pardon.

Commissionaires NL remembers and salutes veterans and those in active service.