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Private Investigative Services Unit

Discreet & Comprehensive Surveillance and Investigations

Commissionaires NL Investigation Unit provides investigative services in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. We are a full service private investigation agency providing confidential investigations to attorneys, law firms, businesses, corporations, insurance companies, organizations and private individuals. The entire Investigative Team, under the direction of Retired Chief of Police Joe Browne, is comprised of former and retired law enforcement professionals with decades of experience specializing in criminal and civil investigations. Our investigators are among the best trained professionals in the country. We have extensive experience working with attorneys, interviewing witnesses, conducting covert operations, and conducting surveillance. Our Investigative Team recognizes that matters involving corporate and private investigations, as well as litigation support, are sensitive in nature and require the strictest confidentiality.

Insurance And Workers’ Compensation Services

The Commissionaires Investigation Unit offers a variety of services for insurance companies and workers compensation cases. From investigations to accident reconstructions, to property and casualty adjusting, our professional investigators have the knowledge, skills, and training, backed by years of practice in the field, to provide an objective assessment of the facts surrounding any accident, loss or other claim. Our services include:

Litigation Support

Our investigators obtain witness statements, investigate accidents, provide surveillance, and perform all manner of investigative services that today’s courtroom litigators require to prosecute or defend their case. We have been retained by a number of law firms to gather necessary and appropriate supporting evidence through surveillance, investigation, and interviews. We have investigated and conducted surveillance in numerous personal injury fraud cases with great success. We specialize in insurance claims investigations and workers compensation claims investigations.

Employers – Background Investigations

Finding out information about a prospective employee is not as simple as picking up the phone and calling the previous employer. Employers these days offer little information beyond the confirmation of previous employment. Our employment background investigation services can uncover important information regarding an applicant’s competence, honesty, trustworthiness, and other qualities your company cannot afford to be without.

Corporate Services

Commissionaires Investigative Services have extensive experience working with corporations large and small. Our investigators are experienced in covert operations and undercover assignments. Our corporate services include:

Commissionaires NL remembers and salutes veterans and those in active service.