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Professional Customer Service Training

Leave the Work to Us.

In today’s fast-paced, high tech economy, training and skills upgrading are more important than ever. However, most organizations have neither the time nor the staff to provide targeted training. That’s why at Commissionaires we have developed a variety of courses taught by qualified and experienced instructors.

Customer Service (Service Advantage) Training

We can help you take customer service beyond smiling and nodding—and turn your customer transactions into customer relationships. Today’s customers are faced with limitless choices when it comes to spending. Each and every experience the customer has with your company helps determine whether they come back to you for their next purchase. How well does your organization deliver exceptional service that keeps them choosing to do business with you? Our SERVICE ADVANTAGE for Customer Service Excellence is a one-day course for businesses that want to improve the customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately increase business growth.

Why Should Your Employees Take This Course

Our SERVICE ADVANTAGE course is about attitude. It’s about taking ownership of the situation, listening, and going the extra mile. This course will demonstrate how to read customers’ needs and behaviour carefully, so that you can further the relationship and promote customer loyalty. Unlike other customer service courses, our course will go beyond the basics of friendly service, and tackle how to deliver exceptional, long-term customer service. Our course can contribute to an improved customer experience and lead to business growth. And not only that but the valuable human relations skills taught here will help improve relationships in all areas of the workplace, including peer-to-peer. This course is ideal for:

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