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Professional Development

Commissionaires Professional Development: Module 3

Site Location

Employee Name

Site Manager

Date of Assessment

Commissionaires Personal Improvement Plan

Site Manager must list up to four competencies that must be improved
Competency Number I

Competency Number 2

Competency Number 3

Competency Number 4

Site Managers Name Indicating Signature

Commissionaire Name Indicating Signature

Date Time


Module 3-Stage Two

If the Improvement Plan used in Stage One is unsuccessful in improving the performance of the Commissionaire then the Site Manager can make a written request that the Commissionaires be moved to Stage Two a copy of which is provided to the Commissionaire and a copy placed on his/her personal file.

If this request is approved, the Director of Operations and Training will schedule a conference with the Commissionaire to discuss all noted deficiencies in performance. In some cases, the Site Manager may be required to attend this meeting. The Commissionaire will be required to redo the Commissionaires Security Officer’s Course and may be held out of service until that course is completed. Once completed, the Commissionaire may return to their regular duties.

Should the Commissionaire’s performance still be determined unacceptable, the Director of Operations and Training shall make a decision which may include counseling out of the profession or a termination of employment. A copy of that decision shall be provided to all parties.

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