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Internal Job Opportunity

Security Guard

Job Posting #: 2019-030
Site Location: CRA, St. John's
Classification: permanent
Number of Vacancies: 1
Site Level: 2
Salary: 14.50/hr
Hours of Work: 12 hour rotating shifts with a 2 week turn arround.
Specific Job Requirements:

                                             Commissionaires Security Officers Course.
                                             Basic Computer Skills, Effective note taking and good writing skills
                                             Valid security clearence (Reliability)
                                             Physically fit in order to perform inside rounds.
                                            Ability to work alone.

                                            Must have excellent communication skills

                                            Very fast paced working environment

                                            Must be a Team Player

                                            Ability to stand for long periods of time

                                            ability to observe and operate multiple CCTV's 

                                             Valid Emergency First Aid

Start Date: upon awarding
Job Closing Date: 10 November, 2019
Site Manager:

For further information, contact Site Manager Norm Jordan at772.2255

Additional Note:

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